Awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is at a nascent stage in our country. Chennai is only just catching up with rest of the metros. A vast majority of people here have a skewed view of healthy living. we think we can gorge on a feast and get rid of the extra calories with a day or two of brisk walking...Fitness is a lot more than that...

Our ancestors were a lot smarter people.They ate the right quality and quantity of food at the right time. They also packed into their day a lot of physical activity to burn all those calories... No wonder! they were (and still our parents and grand parents are ...) fitter and stronger than us.

We, on the other hand happily did away with both the nutritious food and all that "heavy weight" work.We eat processed food, use food mixers and all sorts of 'doer' machines for all our work and sit at the computer and call it 'work'. Simply put, we eat, but hardly move...and still we dare to desire a fit body!! We simply are so caught up in the whirlwind of our day to day activities, that we do not have the time to hit the gym or plan a workout. This is where PUSHUP comes to your aid by bringing fitness and health to your own place. You can avail the services of our certified trainer and dietician right at your HOME!!

PUSHUP works towards clearing myths relating to fitness and making the body experience lasting fitness.We study and understand your body type,food habits and other afflictions you might have and then prepare a fitness schedule and diet pattern that seamlessly merge with your work and lifestyle.

We have a team of experienced trainers, dietitians and physiotherapists to expertly guide you through your fitness journey.

About Pradeep

Mr.Pradeep has the experience of working with clients of different ages and levels of fitness,having been in the fitness industry for the past 8 yrs He has a certification done as a fitness trainer from the Tamil Nadu Sports University,Sparcc institute ,personal trainng certification in expert rating certification, & Bfy . Mr.Pradeep boasts of a large clientele and enjoys the process of training others to improve fitness,strength and health.Being an excellent motivator and with his outstanding people skills, Mr.Pradeep is a much sough -after trainer in the industry.In particular, his experience in weight-los programs, group workouts and sports training make him the 'go-to' person for sure results in fitness. In pushup team all the staffs and trainers (Dietitian,physio,trainers) are certified and experience .they are highly trained to motivate,educated and inspire success.they are professionals who have the knowledge base needed to help the client achieve his fitness goals.


Chief Sports Physio

Mr. Hari completed his BPT from Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University Chennai, MSPT from Guru Nanak University, Amritsar. He has more than 15 years of experience in sports Physiotherapy under various teaching, fitness training, clinical practice, sports rehab.

Being from university which wins AZAD TROPHY each year for sports and has sports as integral part of its identity and having been exposed to various events, training camps, practice session, national games. Dealing with almost all types sports injuries right from cramps to avulsion, minor sprains to cervical injuries and contusion to fractures, managing both on field and off field rehab.

Teaching students of both bachelors & masters level training fitness clients & trainers practicing in Multi Specialty Hospital & Attending to sports injury patients been there done that.

@Pushup, We as a young & energetic team of both male & Female Physios working in both clinic setup & client’s place. Try to bring best of our Knowledge, experience and skill for your health and fitness. We organize camps, seminars, workshops & Hands-on training for Physios & others interested in fitness & those who want to enter fitness industry.

About P.Radha Arvind M.Sc

Chief Dietitian

A Dietitian is a person with legally recognised qualification in nutrition or dietetics who applies the science and nutrition to the feeding and education of groups of people and individuals in health and fitness. Our team has dietitian who efficiently works and formulate diet regime according to the individuals. She also Proved her excellence in giving results for many clients who has medical problems like diabetes, Epilepsy, PCOD, hypo / hyperthyroid and other hormonal imbalances. We also work with HTN patients and we achieved the lowering his BP.

How We Pertain our goal

• Our goal is to spread the benefits of physical fitness along with suitable dietary changes.

• Efforts are made to increase the nutrition knowledge of the general public.

• People should be motivated to make healthier food choices especially when eating out.

• Efforts are made by us to promote dietary changes and necessary lifestyle changes.

• Physical fitness and diet modifications are encouraged and opportunities are provided at your work place or at home in your convenient time.

• Proper diet counselling will be provided to people which gives clearer understanding regarding the association of food with weight loss/ gain.

• Behaviour modification and change in food pattern can be achieved only through repeated counselling which we are keen on providing in regular interval.

• We provide Individual counselling- It is of prime importance to establish realistic goals.

• We also give group sessions which lays a platform to people having similar goals to share their experiences and exchanges the view of changes in their diets.

• We encourage both group and individual sessions to motivate and give psychological support.

• Our counselling sessions helps in increasing the knowledge regarding food facts.

• We push up strongly believes and follows the dietary principle as per RDA norms and individual's BMR is considered while planning a diet.

• We do not encourage short term – rapid supplements or any other artificial means and crash diets are followed.

• Finally, we strongly insist on Physical Activity Dietary and lifestyle and Behavioural modification to achieve the set goal.

About T.Sathia Prabhu M.PEd M.Phill

Senior Trainer

Mr. Sathia Prabhu completed his M.PEd M.Phill from YMCA, Chennai. He has more than 6 years of experience in Physical education.

He has been a part of many games held at Inter college level including Basketball, Tennis and Cricket .

He is versatile in exploring the concept and method of sports training, physical education, techniques and rules & regulations.

He has been a part of many workshop held in the field of Physical education.

Mr. Sathia Prabhu is our senior Trainer at Puhsup