Having trained with Mr.Pradeep of Pushup for the last 6 months has worked wonders for me. I have seen tremendous improvement in my agility and endurance. I would have not been able to push myself and train in a disciplined manner but for Mr.Pradeep .I would recommend him for anyone who wishes to start training but finds it difficult to do so . He is also the right person to train with, for cardio and other strength training . His expansive knowledge will take Pushup to newer heights.Mr.Pradeep Business Man
I have worked with pradeep for more than a year.He is skilled,thoughtful,sensible,and a pleasure to work with and talk to.He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push,though never too much.because of his efforts I am stronger and more flexible,I have better balance and most importantly working out has become fun.He mixes the right amount of workout for your body configuration and works his way to make you believe you can achieve your goals.The best part I like is he makes workout a fun and enjoyable I recommend him unreservebly.Mr.Balachandran Vice President Accenture
 I gained 20kg during my pregnancy and lost 3 after I delivered which of course the weight of my son.I was never thought that I would fit in my pre pregnancy dress but I did. Thanks to pushup for helping me push myself towards being fit and slimMrs.Bhoomijaa Vivek
I have been training with Mr,pradeep of pushup for the past 3 years and it has been a journey of milestones in fitness .his role has been indispensable in my completion of ahalf,full and ultra marathon.my agility and confidence have increased by leaps and bounds and I feel energetic all day.thanks to pushup,I feel as youthful as ever…I wish pushup the best in all their endavours as that is what they deserve.Mr.Arunjain
On my personal letter head.
I know Pradeep for past several years. I was acquainted with him at Inshape Gym where I worked out and was very impressed with his energy and knowledge.
After a year at Inshape, moved to workout at other gyms and have met several good trainers. However, I chose Pradeep as my personal trainer because of several reasons. He has extensive knowledge of fitness workouts and can expertly customize a program based on the profile of the customer. His energy and motivation had helped me earlier to push myself to higher standards. Most of all, the sincerity in his approach and dedication to the job is the most important factor for me to consider Pradeep as a personal trainer.
I would recommend Pradeep to anyone who has the desire to keep fit and there is no doubt he will be able to produce the results.
I wish Pradeep and Pushup all the very best in their endevours.
S. Ramakrishnan Director, Harmony Residences Private Limited
I have worked with pradeep for more than a year I am glad that you are on your own, rather than restricting your contribution to Health freaks within a Fitness Centre. "Push Up" your new venture has all the representation of you to make a difference in the domain of Health and Fitness.
I was personally benefited from your personal coaching wherein I could gain back my shape and fitness.A picture will talk thousand words, therefore I am using my photographs to convey the message that you helped me in the weight loss programme, where I reduced from 81 to 67 kgs.
I wish and pray the almighty to give you success in your new endeavor "Push UP".
Mr.Kumar HR, Godrej
I am undergoing Personal Training with Pradeep for the last 5 months. I have been into various fitness routines over many years. But working on my fitness regime with Pushup is one of the best so far! Pradeep ensures that you understand the principle behind every exercise you do. you start to understand the changes in your body in a better way. Weight loss is not the measure of fitness , being fit is about building your health/body in the right way. Pradeep goes extra mile to push you really up to the maximum and helps you to be better than ever before. He is one of the best trainers available in Chennai – very sincere and dedicated to what he does and gives nothing less than best for his clients..I have recommended pushup to many and will keep referring !Sayee, Senior Vice President, Hitachi